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    Eid ul-Fitr (a celebration to mark the end of the fasting month, Ramadan) and Eid ul-Adha are joyous times for Muslims. Melayu UK organises Eid parties on these occasions..

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    We organise Perhimpunan Keluarga to enable members and their family to get together for a few days for socialising. Perhimpunan Keluarga is also packed with various activities such as archery, orienteering, tog-o-war, pioneering and BBQ. Children who have been to Perhimpunan Keluarga still have vivid memories of the enjoyment that they experienced during their childhood years.

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Friday, 10 May 2019 22:18

Ramadan and spirituality

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah.


Even though we have to fast for long hours, Ramadan is never taken as a burden for us. Instead we get happier during Ramadan by doing more prayers, reciting the Quran more than any other normal months and increasing other forms of ibadah. Ramadan is never taken as an obstacle to productivity, instead we can prove to ourselves that we are capable of realising our true potential. It is a month when we reflect on ourselves, trying to be a better person than the previous months and trying to increase our spirituality so that we get closer to our Creator. We are also capable of controlling our tongue so as not to offend others. We can have patience even in challenging conditions that provoke anger. We can be a caring sharing, generous person that comes out of our own conscience. All these prove that inside our body is a better soul that we have suppressed for so long.


Ramadan is not about the increase of personal spirituality in isolation from the community. Instead, every ibadah that we do in Ramadan reflects how much we should contribute to the community and how much we should be an active member of the community. We never blame the poor for being poor but instead we share the sorrow of the poor through proactive efforts by being generous. Our small donations can never make anyone rich but the collective effort of our donation will make many people happy. True, that money cannot buy happiness. It is not the money that makes the poor happy. It is the thought and gratitude that someone somewhere cares for them that makes the poor happy. The true objective of giving is not to make someone rich but to give happiness just like the reasons why we give presents to our children. We will understand the pleasure of giving if we have experienced the pleasure of receiving.


As an effort to raise fund, Melayu UK will be setting up a stall at Oxford Eid Extravaganza. The event, in its fifth year, will be held in Oxford on Sunday 9th June 2019. The event is not just about Muslims celebrating Eid. It has proved to be the largest community event in Oxford that brings Muslims and non-Muslims together. Last year about 5000 people attended the event and more are expected this year. It is an event that we should be proud of because it builds cohesion between people of all ethnics and faiths. Please visit www.eidextravaganza.org for more details about the event.

Please support Melayu UK in our fundraising effort. We lack manpower and need your help in whatever form. Fundraising is important to Melayu UK. Without any fund, we will not be able to do any activity or to give anything to make someone happy. Fundraising, like fasting, requires effort. By realising the better soul within ourselves and having the right intention, our collective effort in fundraising can only bring us pleasure and happiness.

Ramadan kareem to everyone.