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Tuesday, 14 May 2019 22:08

Anafiya owner is an active Melayu UK member



Congratulations and thanks to Naomi Macklin-Carr, the founder of Anafiya Gifts ( for sharing her story on Islam Channel. Naomi is an active member of Melayu UK. Her story behind the setting up of Anafiya Gifts is truly inspiring. It took a non-Malay to recognise the richness and the beauty of the Malay culture. Our young generation of Malays born and bred in the UK will never experience the richness of the Malay culture if our community become more and more individualistic. Culture can only survive if it is practised by a community and personal interaction within the community is a key component of keeping the culture alive. In this age of technology, personal interactions have been replaced with non-personal interaction that has no emotional content. This is a global phenomenon. For example, rewind back a few decades in the UK. Whenever we buy anything from the shop, we will be greeted with “Hi Love” which has a positive emotional impact. Nowadays with the popularity of online shopping, the emotional interaction between the seller and buyer is absent.


The human nature is to be good and every culture has something good in them. For example, queueing is part of the British culture and not part of the culture of some Muslims. In fact queueing is enjoined by Islam. To reject in total the culture of any community is simply not correct. Any good aspects of any culture can be practised. Our young generation of Malays in the UK are deprived of the full Malay culture and are exposed to other cultures. However exposure to other cultures is not an issue. Our young generation have a triple heritage and are exposed to three major cultures i.e. Islam, Malay and British. One can become a better person by practising the good aspects of the three cultures. It is important that our young generation can pick the best of each culture.


A talk on “Living with Triple Heritage” was delivered at our Perhimpunan Keluarga 2003. You can view the video on our website…/2-unc…/3-living-with-triple-heritage…. The richness and beauty of the Malay culture is not just for the Malays. For us, we must not forget that we still have the task of enriching the whole world with the beauty of the Malay culture. This task can only be successful if done collectively.