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Saturday, 18 May 2019 22:06

Loving and caring our younger members

Assalamu alaikum.


Ramadan is a month that we are conscious of its start, conscious of its end and conscious of every day in between. It is unlike any other months. During other months we sometimes don’t even remember what month we are in. This consciousness of the month of Ramadan is true when we are adults and also true when we were children. Is a month that we experience fasting for first time during our childhood days. Each day that we successfully completed our fast was a big achievement for us. We were proud of those achievements and frequently compare them with our friends. So, after all, staying hungry for long hours wasn’t a punishment but an enjoyment. We had the motivation to do so because those around us were also doing the same thing. Our perception can change. Our perception of refraining from having food was no longer perceived as a punishment but was perceived as a challenge. The completion of any challenge is an achievement that brings satisfaction. Our negative perception changed to a positive perception even though the hunger remains the same.


Our childhood experience will have an impact throughout our life. If we have a troublesome childhood and the issues have not been resolved, we will face a lot of issues during our adulthood. If we don’t have any interesting events during our childhood, we can turn out to be a boring person with nothing to smile about our past. If as a child we were loving, sharing and caring, those qualities will carry on into our adulthood. To be loving, sharing and caring will simply be natural to us without the need for other to remind us. Our childhood is in the past. We can never change it. However we can shape the childhood of the younger members of our community. We can make them feel that Melayu UK is also for them and not just for the adults. We can make them feel that Melayu UK is about creating a loving, caring, sharing community and this can be part of the culture of everybody regardless of their age. We can’t just rely on telling our younger members to be loving, caring and sharing and teach them the theoretical lessons followed by the instructions. If all of us show by example to have a loving, caring, sharing attitude then our younger members will develop those qualities. Show our generosity to them and the will grow up to become generous people InshaAllah.


We have launched the Young People’s Comic Competition and our younger members will be able to submit their work from 1st June until 1st August 2019. We hope that the competition will be an event that will enable our younger members to make new friends and realise that they are part of the bigger community called Melayu UK. Eight prizes totalling £510 will be given to the winners. Please visit our website www.melayu.org.uk for details. This is also an opportunity for us, the older members, to contribute towards the prizes. It only take 100 persons to contribute £5 each to raise £500. Every pound that we contribute will create a big smile to our younger members. Those who want to contribute toward the prizes can make their donation into our bank account:


Bank: Lloyds Bank
Sort code: 30-96-96
Account Number: 50430368
Account Name: Melayu UK