• On-Line Zakat Payment Facilities

    This service provides a convenient way of fullfilling one of the pillars of Islam. Over the past years we have noticed that more and more members are using our service. Because of the importance of zakat, this service is open to all Muslims regardless of whether they are Melayu UK members or not.

  • Hari Raya Party

    Eid ul-Fitr (a celebration to mark the end of the fasting month, Ramadan) and Eid ul-Adha are joyous times for Muslims. Melayu UK organises Eid parties on these occasions..

  • Perhimpunan Keluarga

    We organise Perhimpunan Keluarga to enable members and their family to get together for a few days for socialising. Perhimpunan Keluarga is also packed with various activities such as archery, orienteering, tog-o-war, pioneering and BBQ. Children who have been to Perhimpunan Keluarga still have vivid memories of the enjoyment that they experienced during their childhood years.

  • Learn to read the Quran

    Our members are scattered across the UK and many live is areas where there are few Muslims and getting the opportunities to learn about Islam is limited. Those who would like to learn how to read the Quran can now subscribe to an online self-learning system at http://mytajwid.pisang.uk

  • Counselling Services

    Counselling services can be obtained from PISANG (Professional Islamic Support and Nurture Group), a Malay-driven not-for-profit organisation. Please visit their website www.pisang.uk for more information.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2019 21:53

Thanks for the donations

Assalamu alaikum,


I would like to thank those who have set up monthly direct debit as donation/sadaqah to Melayu UK. May Allah give them abundant reward for their generosity and commitment in sharing the task of making Melayu UK dominant in the building and welfare of our community. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, our prime target are the younger generation. We have to show that we care for them. Simple and sometime cheap token of appreciation can bring big meanings to them. We can see how happy children are when they get stickers for their achievement in school. It is not the value of the stickers that make them happy. We can buy hundreds of stickers and give them to the children but those stickers will mean nothing to them compared to the single sticker they got from their teacher as an acknowledgement for their achievement.


As a community, we can do similar things i.e. acknowledging the potential and achievement of our young generation. This can be achieved easily if we do it collectively. Our community is many times bigger than the number of people who have joined our FaceBook. There are many who are not on our facebook but are active members. We can all afford to donate £1 per month to Melayu UK. The amount of £1 per month is statistically insignificant compared to the amount that we earn. We don’t moan or get depressed if we lose £1 per month. We just need to convince ourselves that this is for a good cause and we can afford to spend a few minutes to set up the direct debit. Our bank account is as follows:


Bank: Lloyds Bank

Sort code: 30-96-96

Account Number: 50430368

Account Name: Melayu UK