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Saturday, 13 December 2008 00:27

Mobile clinic for screening of jinn related problems

Update: Mobile clinics will be held in conjuction with Islamic Medical Treatment courses. Please visit for the latest information.

Melayu UK and PISANG (Professional Islamic Support and Nurture Group) plans to hold another mobile clinic for the screening and treatment of jinn-related problems. Jinn can cause some illnesses and modern medicine will not be able to cure those type of illnesses. Screening will be done using the Ruqyah Shar'iyyah methodology and we are planning to fly in Al-Hafiz Ustaz Trimizi Zainal to conduct the clinic.

PISANG is a non-profit organisation registered in the UK and has carried out many mobile clinics in Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, Singapore, Jordan, Egypt and UK. PISANG is highly dependent on donation to fund its activities and we hope to collect donations to cover the cost of organising the mobile clinic. Screening and treatment services will be provided free-of-charge. However we encourage donations to cover our cost. Please send us an email if you wish to pledge donation for the planned mobile clinic.

PISANG is also planning to organise a course on Introduction to Islamic Medical Treatment. Please contact us if you are interested in taking the course.