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Wednesday, 16 April 2008 23:32

Is your PC infected by virus?

Before the PC was invented, we only knew viruses as micro-organisms that cause harm to our body. When the term virus was first applied in the 1980's to refer to a harmful piece of software that replicates from PC to PC, many people were amused. One company even came out with an anti-virus software called "Vaccine" and that added to the amusement.

After about 2 decades later, computer viruses are now a real threat and we no longer treat them with amusement. Despite the introduction of new cyber laws to eradicate new threats in cyberspace, there is still no sign that cyber criminals are giving up. Our PCs may look healthy, but we never know if they are affected by viruses until we suspect something and start scanning using anti-virus software.

Apply the same situation with one of the oldest crime in human history i.e. sihir. Unlike new threats in cyberspace which gets new cyber laws to incriminate cyber criminals, sihir criminals are free to practice and spread their crimes due to the absence of sihir laws or "metaphysics-space" laws. There are even allegations that politicians resort to bomohs (for the casting of sihir spells on their opponents) instead of relying on the ballot box. The threat is real and we never know if any of the top politicians have been infected by sihir until we scan them using anti-sihir "software".

Our body may look healthy, just like our PC may look healthy, but we never know if we have been infected by virus ... oops sihir. Ustaz Trimizi will arrive in the UK sometime next week and will be around for about 1 month Insha'Allah. Those who suspect they have been infected by sihir or jinn, can contact Melayu UK for an appointment with Ustaz Trimizi. We have already received several requests and we would like to create a treatment schedule so as not to disrupt the main objective of Ustaz Trimizi's presence in the UK.