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Friday, 11 April 2008 23:28



11 April 2008

Melayu UK is very concerned with the reporting by News Of the World on 6th April 2008 which gives an impression that Sufiah Yusof, the Maths prodigy, is happy with her new job as an escort. Melayu UK rejects her confession as the true and honest story of herself. We are not disputing that Sufiah did not say what were reported. We are also not disputing the accuracy of reporting by News Of The World. What is disputed is the accuracy of the confession, which we believe was not sincere and may have been influenced by other circumstantial factors.

News of The World reported on 30th March 2008 that Sufiah lived in a “dingy back street flat”, “sad little flat”, use “cheap portable stereo”, “nervously stripping down to her red lace bra and knickers” and “works alone from her flat without any obvious physical security or protection”.

In just about a week later, the sad condition of Sufiah suddenly changed to a happy and glamorous Sufiah who said “happy doing what I do”, “My clients treat me like a princess”, “my escort work provides me with a fabulous life”, and “sees between five and ten men each week”.

Based on just £130 per session and 5 clients per week, Sufiah would have earned at least £10,400 for the 4-month period since she left her £16,000 per year job. She would have been able to clear her £3500 debts, afford to replace her cheap stereo and would probably be living in a more upmarket flat. At 10 clients per week and with many generous clients, she would have been living in a better condition.

We strongly believe that Sufiah is still crying for help, is not enjoying her escort work and is trying to find a way out of her misery. We would like to challenge News Of The World to contact Sufiah and convince her to undergo a holistic Islamic medical treatment by our team for a period of one month. The treatment can be done at an undisclosed location only known to the members of our team and News Of The World.

News Of The World had been able to persuade Sufiah to take off her clothes, and it is time for News Of the World to level the playing ground by convincing Sufiah to meet us. After the treatment period, we would like Sufiah to make a press conference to let the world know her story. We strongly believe that Sufiah will contradict her confession as reported by News Of The World.

Hamidi Abdul Rahman
President, Melayu UK