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Wednesday, 09 April 2008 23:26

Love Sufiah: Helping our community

Melayu UK is NOT an organisation exclusive to Malaysians in the UK. Our members comprise of Malaysians, Indonesians, Singaporeans and of course British citizens. It is therefore natural for us to be concerned about matters that affect our community.

It is understandable if some people or some organisations in Malaysia or even the Malaysian government want to abandon helping Sufiah. They may have other priorities to concentrate on or because public opinion is not in favour of helping a non-Malaysian.

Sufiah is part of the Melayu UK community and we will still carry on trying to help her. She is just one of the many people who has cried for help and we still believe is crying for help despite the glossy image portrayed by the News of The World. We have not got the chance to interview her. If we have this chance, the darker side of her story may appear. It is best not to make any conclusion based of reports by the News of The World alone.

Even if we believe that she is doing the evil wrong-doings on her own free will, we will still have to help her get out of the vice activities she has been involved in. Asking Melayu UK to abandon helping Sufiah is like asking us to approve prostitution or like asking the Malaysian government to do nothing to eradicate prostitution.

There are many people in Kuala Lumpur who chose to be prostitutes and are happy to be prostitutes. What would be our reaction? Leave them alone simply because they are happy with their lives? Of course we will want something to be done to help those people get out of prostitution.

The Malaysian government can of course do something using taxpayers money so solve problems is Malaysia. In contrast, Melayu UK tries to help members of our community with no financial resources. We accept that Malaysian taxpayers money should not be used to help Sufiah. However there is nothing to stop the Malaysian public, including politicians to dig their pockets for this good cause.

Helping someone in need should not be restricted to those living in one's country only. When Acheh was hit by tsunami, the whole world felt the pain and contributed without even questioning whether those people were Malaysians or British or whatever nationality. Similarly if there is an effort to help Sufiah, we should also feel the pain and contribute financially without putting nationality as a condition for helping her. If Sufiah can be saved by collective effort, we will be giving hope to those who are currently crying for help or those who will be crying for help in the future.

The Love Sufiah programme will still go on regardless of any negative media coverage on Sufiah. We hope members of the public will assist Melayu UK Love Sufiah programme by making financial contribution to enable us to make significant impact on our community.