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Friday, 04 April 2008 23:22

Love Sufiah

Assalamu alaikum,

We would like people to stop referring to Sufiah Yusof as a prostitute or any terminology that will create hatred towards her. Sufiah is a person who is in great need of help. We must view her as a person in need of help, someone who did something wrong not because of her liking but because of something which is beyond her control.

Sufiah does not need abuse. She needs treatment. She is not a criminal. She is a patient. If we keep abusing her or hunt her like a criminal, we will never be able to treat her. We have to take a compassionate approach. We have to let her know that there are people out there who love her, people who are willing to help her get out of her misery.

We will be launching the "Love Sufiah" campaign so that she will contact people whom she thinks she can trust. The focus now is not on "we find Sufiah" but on "Sufiah can find us".

We must also remove any hatred toward the campaign to save Sufiah. Sufiah is a member of the Melayu UK community. In the past we have helped people in need with no publicity at all. Publicity is not a crime so let us not treat it as a crime. If we care about saving those in need of help, then we should support publicity not go against it. Sufiah is just one of those whom we are helping and we do not know how many more will need our help in the future. Publicity will make our work easier.

If we hate any effort to save Sufiah, then we should refrain from saying anything. If we love to save her, then it is time to open our cheque books or get our credit cards and start donating to this good cause. We are scared that if Sufiah decides to contact us, we will not be able to give the treatment she badly needed simply because we cannot even afford to purchase airline tickets for our team members.

Hamidi Abdul Rahman
President, Melayu UK