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Tuesday, 03 January 2006 08:55

GPTD Donated Iqra' Books to Melayu UK

The Chairman of Grup Pengkaji Tamadun Dunia (GPTD), Sdr. Jufitri Joha, handed 20 sets of Iqra' Cara Cepat Belajar Membaca Al-Quran to Melayu UK on the 3rd January 2006.

GPTD is the Malay acronym of Grup Pengkaji Tamadun Dunia (World Civilization - Research Group) formed by Global Peace Mission (GPM) to train young volunteers, mainly university students, as social and relief workers, as well as being researchers of world civilizations. In preparation for the field work, these young volunteers are equipped with basic volunteer skills and training. GPTD has 5 main project namely Spain-Latin America, France-Africa, China, Cocos Island and Turkey-Central Asia.

So far, GPTD volunteers has been sent by GPM to: Pakistan and Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Christmas Island, Australia, Cocos (Keeling) Island, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia.

Three GPTD members went to Andalusia (Spain) on a study mission in December 2005 before joining the MISG-ABIM Perhimpunan Musim Sejuk in Glasgow. Their added interest in the Malay community around the globe has prompted them to meet the president of Melayu UK. Having surfed our website in the past and after knowing of our effort to set up Unit Keluarga, they have kindly donated 20 sets of Iqra'. The books will be distributed to Melayu UK members wishing to set up Unit Keluarga at their localities.

For more information on GPTD, please visit their weblog