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Tuesday, 15 November 2005 01:44

Formation of Unit Keluarga

We have received several requests lately from our members so that Melayu UK can organise some classes to help our members (adults and children) to learn how to read the Quran and also to learn more about Islam, especially Obligatory Knowledge or Fardhu 'Ain. There were also other suggestions on how to enhance the "persaudaraan" between members. We acknowledge that these are very good ideas and we have done a bit of homework.

Pak Majid and Rosnah (Milton Keynes) have offered to help those in the East Midlands region and Ustaz Mohd Nor and Ustazah Norhayati (from Birmingham, they were present at our recent Hari Raya Party) have offered to help our members in the West Midlands region. We are planning to have another class in North West England region (Cheshire / Wirral) and Insha'Allah will announce it shortly.

Since the classes involves families getting together at their preferred places, we can extend the meeting/get-together to include other activities that are of interest to those who attend. For this reason, we will name the meetings as "Perjumpaan Keluarga" and each grouping will be known as "Unit Keluarga" e.g. Unit Keluarga Melayu UK West Midlands.

To reduce the burden on the host, we will adopt the pot-luck method for supplying food i.e. everybody brings some food to the meeting. Meetings will be held at least once a month and each Unit Keluarga can independently decide to have more frequent meetings if they want to. Members can also join more than 1 Unit Keluarga if they wish.

In brief, the main activities during each Perjumpaan Keluarga will be:

1. Learning how to read the Qur'an (from scratch). We will order some books from Malaysia that will be used in learning how to read the Quran.
2. Learning Obligatory Knowledge (Fardhu Ain) - from scratch. We will be working with Ustaz Mohd Nor / Ustazah Norhayati to provide a syllabus for this.
3. Family projects (free activity depending on interest of participating families)

Adults and children (if available) will be taught separately.

We are happy to accommodate other members who are interested in joining the Unit Keluarga, or forming new Unit Keluarga. If you want to send private emails, please send it to any of our representatives.