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Wednesday, 10 August 2011 19:00

Ramadhan, spirituality and remembering the poor

Ramadhan is a time when we try to increase our spirituality. It is a time when we endeavour various struggles and determined to be successful in our endevour in our spiritual journey. We can manage with skipping daily routines such as coffee or tea break. We can afford to miss our lunch even during the long daylight hours of summer but yet we are still carrying our daily obligations as normal. In addition to those, we spend more time at night in prayers in search for more spirituality.

Ramadhan is not only about increasing our spirituality for our own self but also a time to reflect on the bounty that Allah has given to us. It is also a time when we should acknowledge how privileged we are compared to others who are in poverty. We live a life where sometimes spending unnecessarily is taken for granted but in the eyes of those in poverty, our spending is luxury to them.

Melayu UK has been distributing zakat collected to some of the forgotten Malays who are in poverty in other parts of the world where every £1 we distribute means a lot to those people. We urge everybody to pay not only their individual zakat (zakat fitrah) via Melayu UK Zakat Collection Service, but also pay their wealth zakat as well. Sometimes we can afford to waste a few ten £s without any regret. Insha'Allah by contributing a few extra £s to the poor and those in poverty will help us in our spiritual journey.